Victoria holds an MFA in Drawing from Southern Illinois University. Coming out of graduate school she entered exhibitions and contests; She worked as an exhibit designer for Cahokia Mounds and taught art at NW Arkansas college. She has been taking a break to raise a family; she is now back to creating art and making music!

During quarantine, she and her long-time friend Patrick Harvey worked on creating books that comprise Images and Poetry. A Book of Dreams was the first which focused on a changing world; published by Lulu Press. Next was a series; When the Young One's Dream, If Only.., and The Way In...Or is it the Way Out? These can be found on Amazon.

' I like to think of myself as an observer and sometimes a storyteller. My job as an artist is to focus attention and ignite the imagination. I am also an explorer; inspiration comes in many forms and I love to follow that road wherever it leads. I have been inspired by words, people, color, and lines; seeing something close up for the first time. '
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